Why Become InstaBit Agent?

Start Selling Cyrptocurrency

Become an agent and start selling Bitcoin through our proprietary software

Increase store traffic

Offer a unique service and bring additional customers to your business

Generate Additional Income

Instantly earn up to $1500 additional on all Bitcoin Transactions through our no-cost platform

Get FREE iPad and TV

Receive a monitor displaying live Bitcoin Prices and process transactions using your free iPad

Why Choose Us?

InstaBit Teller Agent

  • Average store earns $1500 commission
  • iPad can be located anywhere
  • 50% lower fees than BitCoin ATMs
  • 24/7 Live Support

Competitor to Bitcoin ATM Machine

  • Maximum Income of $500
  • Fixed machine in prime location
  • High Transaction Fees with no income gain
  • Limited Support

Pricing That Works For Everyone

No Contract

High Returns



NO purchase of equipment


Even More Returns



With the purchase of equipment

*Terms and condition apply on the contract periods

InstaBit iPad Features


How Much Your Store Can Make!

  • $5K
  • $10K
  • $15K
  • $20K
  • $25K
  • $30K
  • $35K
  • $40K
  • $45K
  • $50K

Monthly Sale

Total sales




How To Become An Agent?


1. Fill Out an Application Form

Go through our quick signup process to get started becoming an agent


2. Review Application

We review your application to get approved. The review process takes only 24-48 hours


3. Delivered Hardware

A licensed InstaBit technician will schedule the onboarding process with you


Sign Up Now and make up to $1500 a month selling Bitcoin!

Frequently Asked Questions

InstaBit Teller is the easiest way to purchase Bitcoin via cash. InstaBit application that allows customers to purchase Bitcoin and complete transaction by paying cash to the store teller.

Each transaction takes 30 seconds to process and approve.

After each transaction is complete, it can take upto 30 minutes to receive bitcoin in your wallet.

To complete the transaction, you will need the following items to purchase Bitcoin.

For $500 or Less - Mobile Phone, Bitcoin Wallet Address

Between $501 - $4,999 - Mobile Phone, ID Card, Bitcoin Wallet

Above $5,000 - Mobile Phone, ID Card, Bitcoin Wallet, SSN

Yes, our software is completely secure and safe. Your personal information is encrypted.

Each InstaBit locations fees are different. Fees normally range between 4-8%

Email us at info@instabit.co

Email us at agents@instabit.co

Still have questions? Contact Us